Finding Rest In: Nature

Continuing the series of things that I find rest in! I think that the time we are in now is providing us with more time to rest than ever. It can be easy to fill our free time with things to keep us busy to make us feel like we have a purpose, but that isn’t always the most life giving thing we can do for ourselves. Rest is SO important. Resting in Jesus is what we are called to do, and when we rest in Him, we learn more about His character.

God truly delights when we rest in Him and He wants to give us rest! He doesn’t want us to feel like we have to carry all of our burdens on our own. He tells us to come to Him when we are weary and He will give us rest (Matthew 11:28). He wants us to lie in green pastures with Him and He will lead us beside still waters (Psalm 23). He is telling us to rest, He is telling us that when we rest in Him he will bring us the peace we are longing for.

I feel God’s presence the most when I am in nature. Whether it is a walk on the beach, through my neighborhood or when I am in the mountains, His presence always surrounds me. When I talk about “feeling” God’s presence, I feel a stillness in my heart and mind. This stillness leads to a deep awareness of the beauty around me. My body feels warm as a breeze brushes against my skin. I smile and feel happy when I see wildflowers as I am walking or birds dancing. The way the sun hugs my skin or the clouds provide a sense of calmness. I am truly just SO amazed by this earth we live on. God created the most beautiful place for us to live on.

Maybe being outdoors isn’t your thing, if it isn’t here are some different ideas of how you could take the time to rest in nature! If you are a outdoor lover, these are some of my personal favorite things to do outdoors & where I feel God’s presence most!

Different ideas of how to rest in nature:

  1. Read a book in a park nearby.
  2. Go for a walk in your neighborhood without your phone.
  3. Go for a prayer walk at your favorite place in the city you live in.
  4. Lay in the sunshine.
  5. Pick flowers.
  6. Go for a hike.
  7. Kayak, swim, lay by a lake or the ocean & focus on the scenery around you.

I hope this week you can find some time to rest in nature. If you do – let me know what you did and how it made you feel! I would love to hear from you!


Ally Golden

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